Broker/Agent Consulting

Most brokerage firms have identified six areas they wish to incorporate into a full service claims department. While offering extraordinary solutions for these, we maintain wide-ranging flexibility. We excel in strategizing, implementing and measuring innovative solutions to your unique needs and vision.


In partnership with you to help fulfill your vision, Broker/Agent Claim Services (BCS) offers solutions to the six most sought after requests:


·  24/7/365 Emergency Claims Reporting and Assistance

·  A premier claims department

·  TPA services from a firm that truly partners with you and your client

·  TRISTAR Risk Management as part of your TPA/SIR presentation process

·  Claim investigation, recommendation and subrogation services for

   clients who do not report smaller claims

·  Ongoing claims training for your front-line staff and producers


Your Vision…


· Equipped for greater success

· Substantially increased value

· Significantly expanded market share


 Your solution…Broker/Agent Claim Services

We have been working with Partners Claim Services for the past 10 years.  To date their team has improved the claims outcome for our clients collectively by over $1,100,000. 


Rich Hecker, Executive Vice President

EHL Insurance
A division of Brown & Brown

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