Subrogation & Recovery


While paying liability and workers compensation claims has a negative effect on your bottom line, subrogation helps restore that loss. Very often, subrogation opportunities are overlooked and considered too burdensome to pursue.


With integrity as the bedrock of our service, we return maximized net recoveries to our clients while providing superior service nationwide – all at an unmatched program cost. We do that by utilizing our years of industry experience, listening to our clients and employing state-of-the-art technology. We focus on the most critical factors that deliver the quickest return and measure and report our success based on quantifiable results.



TRISTAR provides multi-line subrogation, arbitration, and recovery services for clients nationwide. These services include:


  • General Liability

  • Workers Compensation

  • Auto Liability

  • Uninsured motorist (UM)

  • Rental and Car Sharing

  • Fleet subrogation

  • Property

  • Medical and health-care

  • PIP

Your innovation blew our minds! (Our previous TPA) closed our claims an average of 6 months, you are taking just about 3 weeks. Communication is superb and I think we have a great system going right now.


Stephanie Bottner, Compliance and Insurance Manager

Zipcar, Inc.

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TRISTAR provides cost-effective outsourcing services to companies ranging from small privately-owned companies to large corporations. We can provide these for an array of industries:


  • Insurance Companies

  • Fleet Services

  • Regional Motor Clubs

  • Car and Truck Rental

  • City and State Government

  • Transportation

  • Consumer Goods

  • Hospitality

Arbitration Administration

Inter-company Arbitration is filed in all forums under the name of our client and their subsidiaries. Our expert arbitration administrators have an unprecedented 82% win rate for our clients. We have expertise in contention writing, counter-claims, and deferments.


Litigation Management

Matrix provides complete Litigation Management for cases warranting further action towards settlement. We carefully consider whether suit is warranted based on the strength of the evidence, whether a consulting expert is appropriate, the relative liability of all parties involved, the venue, jurisdiction and the applicable statute of limitations. This includes mediations and arbitrations when appropriate.