• Highly experienced dedicated claim teams.

  • A dedicated account manager who knows your culture and claims philosophy.

  • Best in class online information systems that provide both high-level and detailed reporting for all claims in all locations all the time.

  • Real-time adjuster notes on all claims.

  • Detailed analysis of the cost in savings incurred for every claim.

  • Ad hoc reporting capabilities so you can create the exact reports you need at any time, with customized layout capabilities.

  • Online claims filing, with telephone and even paper options if you prefer them.

  • Electronic and telephonic communications throughout the life of each claim To your management team.

  • Plus, the ability to integrate Worker's Compensation with short term disability, long-term disability and family medical leave management.

National Workers Compensation, Disability and
Family Leave Programs



TRISTAR Risk Management provides unmatched customized management of Workers' Compensation, Disability and Family Leave programs.


We are customer needs driven.

We don’t measure ourselves against what our competition is doing. We listen to our clients’ needs and craft programs that squarely address those needs and provide the solutions they have only dreamed of.


Partnering with employers nationwide, we are the leader in Workers' Compensation, Disability and Family Leave programs. We manage workplace absence consistent with our client's culture.

When you partner with us, you will receive


Partners is a pleasure to work with and I rest easier knowing our claims are in their capable hands. I can attest to their skills, which have vastly improved our average time to settle each claim. However,


Darla Rosser, Corporate Customer Services

Cadet Manufacturing

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  • Pro active Worker's Compensation claims management services. With a customer focused service model, and ongoing communications with you and your employee, we exceed expectations for service, responsiveness and results.

  • Results driven products and services. We deliver enhanced management of your workers compensation risk, improve productivity and a measurable reduction in costs.

  • Customizable solutions. Our claims management services will be customized to meet your culture and corporate needs.

  • Best in class technology. Proprietary software and easy to use web based solutions when you can spend more time managing people, not paperwork.

  • Unparalleled customer service. Consistent employer and employee satisfaction rate of 95% and higher.

When you choose us, your program will benefit from